Time For Unions To Figure Out The Internet


Since the Reagan era, wages have stagnated, unions have declined, and average workers have lost power. If we want any of that to change in the near future, we will have to look… everywhere.

A new Roosevelt Institute report by Michelle Miller and Eric Harris Bernstein looks at both the causes of decades of declining worker power in America (technological change, legal change, and a full-on political assault) and the challenges that labor will face if it wants to regain ground in a world in which “stable full time job” is a category on the decline. This is not a partisan issue, really; increasing the strength of organized labor is, in all likelihood, the only way that regular people will have any hope of protecting themselves from the ongoing rise of inequality and collapse of the middle class during the Trump administration.

An interesting bit of background: post-Reagan, employers felt freer to retaliate against labor organizing by workers, and the decline of unions seems to have been caused by fear more than by a lack of interest in them. Boding ours:

For More Information:- Hamilton Nolan


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