One Million Internet Users Created This Piece of Art

On April Fool’s Day, Reddit gave its anonymous users a blank canvas, 72 hours and an instruction: to place colored tiles anywhere on a space measuring 1,000 by 1,000 pixels. The only catch? Users had to wait a few minutes before adding each new tile. What followed was chaotic, dramatic art creation by collaboration.


The blog subscript chronicles the life and times of “Place,” as the space was called, with some reverence: “The story of Place is an eternal story, about the three forces that humanity needs to make art, creation, and technology possible”

A time lapse gif of the canvas shows the space quickly overcome by brightly colored pixels. Swaths of colorblue, red, and an encroaching black that seeps through the space like spilled inkovertake portions of the picture and then subside. Diagonal rainbow stripes crisscross and then recognizable images appear and grow more refined.

For More Information:- Marissa Fessenden


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